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Why we do what we do

At Hydrachem, we’re fanatical about clean drinking water, appreciating its indispensable importance in preserving and sustaining human life.


However, water can lose its way and become a virulent breeding ground for unwelcome micro-organisms spreading contamination, disease and suffering, which is why we need to protect our planet’s most precious resource.


Hydrachem has 50 years experience in water purification, surface disinfection and sterilising. A proud UK business with global footprint, working closely with NGOs to keep dwindling water supplies free from life-threatening, waterborne diseases, and with market-leading healthcare institutions, including the NHS, to keep healthcare facilities free from contamination.


We make 10 billion litres of water safe to drink each year

We believe that no-one should have to drink dirty water from old fizzy pop bottles. By partnering with world-leading charities and governments, we are able to provide millions of people with access to the most basic of human rights, clean drinking water.

water droplet - hydrachem mission

It's all about the water

Our tablets have the power to transform water into something life-saving, and our tablets allow water to be carefully preserved and left in the ground until the moment it is actually needed.  

For us, it has always been about the water.


Sustainability is important to us and we are always striving to reduce our impact on the environment.

Contract Manufacturing

Along with our own brands, we also contract manufacture own label products for some of the world's most prominent companies in the field of professional hygiene. We are experts in tableting technology and our products are renowned throughout the industry for their reliability.