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Contract Manufacturing

We produce effervescent chlorine tablets for the worlds #1 leading brands in their category. We are a global leader in the manufacture of Chlorine tablets. Prominent brands around the world rely on us to contract manufacture their tablets in the markets of disinfection, baby bottle sterilisation, water purification and professional hygiene.

  • 50 Years Experience
    We are experts in tableting technology and the latest manufacturing techniques. We have the expertise and infrastructure to adapt and scale up to meet demand.
  • #1 producer of chlorine tablets
    Our partners use our chlorine tablets within Humanitarian Aid, Medical, Food & Catering & Farming. We supply 95% of the UK NHS disinfection tablets.
  • Quality, no matter the quantity.
    Each one of our finished products, and every single tablet raw material and packaging component of every product are traceable back to their original batch production.

Our Products

Why us?

Hydrachem are world leaders in tableting technology and chlorine tablets. In business since 1973, our manufacturing processes utilise the most advanced technology, allowing us to adapt quickly to bespoke requirements without compromising on quality.

We have a team of expert formulation chemists and engineers to ensure our products are consistently the best in the market.


  • Made in the UK
  • 50 years’ experience
  • GMP certified
  • ISO 9001:2015 accredited
  • Range of packaging options
  • Ready-made or bespoke formulations
  • Manufacturing for world leading brands
  • Support with registrations and taking to market
  • EU Regulation Compliant
  • Small & large batch manufacturing

Quality Assurance

Quality and safety are a top priority at Hydrachem. We manufacture to the highest international standard and are an ISO9001 accredited company, along with BRC, NSF and GMP certification and we are Halal and Kosher certified.  All of our tablets are produced in the UK with full traceability on all batches


We strive to improve and develop new products that are highly effective, environmentally sound, user friendly and cost effective through independent research and collaborations with existing and potential customers.  If there isn’t a product on the market that meets a customer’s needs, we are available to assist in any stage of a new product introduction programme; from formulation design and pilot batch manufacture, to scale up and validation


Hydrachem products are carefully designed, formulated, and manufactured to fulfil a specific purpose and the manufacturing processes are validated and robust.  All products are tested according to nationally and internationally relevant regulatory standards in certified laboratories to ensure they are effective every time.

How we can support

Our product development team can formulate to your bespoke specification and our technical experts can assist with regulatory accreditations and technical requirements. Our supply chain colleagues can help navigate the complexities around importing and exporting across the world.