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Biospot Effervescent Chlorine Tablets

Biospot tablets are highly effective in infection control. Our tablets kill 99% of germs including MRSA and C. Difficile and are used by the UK NHS and in hospitals all over the world.

Why Biospot

Biospot Effervescent Chlorine Tablets are recommended around the world as the safer, more effective, economic and convenient disinfectant.

Biospot Effervescent Chlorine Tablets are based on a dry chlorine donor, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) which is blended with effervescent components before being compressed into tablet form.

The result is a fast-dissolving, highly convenient, safer and more accurate alternative to liquid bleach.

Safer alternative to bleach

In the Health Service and in Local Government where a number of authorities have banned the use of liquid bleach, NaDCC powders and tablet formulations predominate as the favoured method of chlorine disinfection.

Disinfecting solutions prepared from Biospot Effervescent Chlorine Tablets are fast acting and have a complete spectrum of biocidal activity. Bacteria, bacterial spores, algae, fungi, protozoa and viruses are sensitive to their effects.


  • Recommended by leading infection control experts worldwide.
  • Compact to store and transport – reduce storage and transport costs.
  • Chlorine is effective against virtually all known bacteria, viruses and spores.
  • Less toxic and less corrosive than other chlorine compounds.
  • Safe to handle and store – no spillages or leaks.
  • Fast dissolving and ready to use in under 5 minutes.

Technical Information

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