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Science of NaDCC

The main biocide in our effervescent chlorine tablets is NaDCC, or Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate. NaDCC is a phenomenon because it has the unique ability to be remarkably powerful at destroying bacteria and viruses, yet it is much safer than many of the chemical alternatives such as hypochlorites.

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Safer than liquid bleach

Many governments banned the use of liquid bleach in healthcare facilities and it is easy to understand why. The risks of spills and leaks, combined with the risks of overdosing the solution when mixing it with water puts it fairly high on most risk assessments.

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The world needed a safer alternative.

Liquid bleach comes in at pH 11-13 which is corrosive. NaDCC surface disinfection tablets have a pH level of c.6.5. which is almost neutral, meaning it will not irritate skin, harm clothing, corrode surfaces and is safe to use around people and pets. 

There are risks of human error when it comes to diluting bleach in water.  It’s very easy to accidentally overdose a bleach-based solution which can make it very toxic to use around people and animals. NaDCC tablets are a pre-dosed and scientifically accurate measure of NaDCC so when dissolved in the recommended amount of water, they are perfectly prepared to be both effective and safe.

Safe to drink

NaDCC is also the main ingredient in our water purification tablets and is safe for human consumption.  It is also used in our baby bottle sterilisation tablets, making this amazing ingredient even safe enough to sterilise feeding equipment for newborn babies.  


Our tablets are formulated accurately for each purpose and in the correct quantities so that they can destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores in water and still be safe to drink.

What else can NaDCC be used for?

NaDCC has so many uses when applied in the correct quantities.  Best known for its capabilities in water purification, surface disinfection, food preparation and agriculture, there are so many more avenues to venture. 

Hydrachem is proud to have a world leading team of formulation chemists and engineers.  Our chemists are always working on innovative new uses for NaDCC to solve practical problems in the real world.  We work closely with our contract manufacturing partners to formulate unique and market-changing tableting solutions and welcome new partners to get in touch if you have a product idea which you need help to formulate.