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Water Purification

A world leader

Hydrachem is a world leading manufacturer of NaDCC water purification tablets. These simple yet effective NaDCC tablets kill microorganisms in water to prevent cholera, dysentery, typhoid, diarrhoea and other water-borne diseases in just 30 minutes.

Trusted for over 50 years

Every day, there are disasters and emergency zones around the world which puts fresh drinking water supplies at risk of contamination. We produce water purification tablets which allows every person access to the most basic of human rights – safe drinking water.

We can’t survive longer than a few days without water. At times of crisis, a rapid response is needed to ensure everyone has access to safe drinking water.  Our water purification tablets work in just 30 minutes, so not a moment is wasted.

Our water purification tablets are relied upon by governments, NGO’s, businesses & travellers all over the world.

Oasis water purification tablets

Oasis, a Hydrachem brand of Water Purification Tablets, is relied on globally by leading NGO’s for humanitarian aid projects.  It is also trusted by people all over the world in need of safe drinking water on the go. 

Oasis Water Purification Tablets are one of the world leading brands for consumers needing an easy, compact and convenient way to decontaminate water, wherever they are in the world!

Why Hydrachem

We have been making NaDCC tablets for over 50 years and are relied upon by the world’s leading NGO’s.  We take no risks when it comes to quality control, because a poor quality product could be the difference between life and death.

Contract Manufacturing

We contract manufacture own-label NaDCC water purification tablets on behalf of some of the world’s leading brands.  

Our technology utilises the very latest advancements in manufacturing, combined with the very best formulation chemists and engineers.  You can be confident that our tablets follow the strictest EU guidelines and quality control procedures to deliver consistent, effective tablets with long shelf lives.  

Our customers trust us to maintain the high standards their customers expect of their brand.