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Our Products

We produce our own brands of effervescent chlorine tablets with a variety of purposes in the markets of water purification, surface disinfection, baby equipment sterilisation, agriculture and food preparation. 

Oasis Water Purification Tablets

Oasis Water Purification Tablets are effervescent NaDCC tablets which purify water to make it safe to drink.

Oasis Sterilising Tablets

Baby Bottle Sterilising Tablets effectively sterilise baby bottles & feeding equipment in just 30 minutes.

Biospot Detergent Sanitiser Tablets

Biospot Detergent Sanitiser tablets are a one-stop cleaning & disinfection solution, killing 99% of bacteria & viruses.

Biospot Effervescent Chlorine Tablets

Biospot Chlorine tablets are highly effective in infection control, destroying 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores.

Foodsaf Salad Wash

Foodsaf Salad Wash tablets are trusted globally for the safe disinfection & sanitisation of fruit, vegetables & catering facilities.

Oasis Disposable Sterilising Bags

Oasis Disposable Steriliser Bags are designed to make the sterilisation of your baby’s feeding products fuss-free when on the move.

Agrichlor Effervescent Chlorine Tablets

Agrichlor Effervescent Chlorine Tablets provide complete virus & bacteria disinfection for farms, vets & agricultural businesses.

Hyzyme Septic Tank Treatment

Hyzyme Natural Septic Tank Treatment is a natural disinfectant for septic tanks, cesspools, urinals, catering areas & drains.

Cert Multi Surface Spray

Everything you need to destroy viruses including COVID-19 and 99.99% of bacteria on every hard surface in your home.