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Water facts: 80% of all illness in the developing world is water related

It is a sad fact that 80% of illness in the developing world is water related.  Unsafe water kills 200 children every hour around the world.  This is a devastating statistic.

Water can be unsafe for a variety of reasons.  There are still huge parts of the developing world with limited infrastructure or resources for water sterilisation.  Wars, conflicts and natural disasters can damage water infrastructure supplies, leaving entire communities without water at a moments notice.

Water contamination is another huge contributor.  Contaminants can come from a variety of sources, including industrial waste, agricultural runoff, and untreated sewage. Additionally, natural events like floods and hurricanes can cause contaminants to enter water sources, making it difficult to ensure the safety of drinking water during these events.

For Hydrachem, it has always been about the water.  Our tableting technology has made it possible to safely and quickly purify water to make it safe to drink instantly.  As part of our humanitarian aid partnerships, we have made over 2 billion litres of water safe to drink all over the world.