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Less than 0.1% of the Earths water available for human consumption

97% of the water on earth is salt water, leaving only 3% as ‘fresh water’.  However, of that small 3% fresh water, only 1% of that is actually available for human consumption. 

The remainder of that fresh water is locked up in ice and glaciers or underground.  

That means only 0.0003% of the total water on earth is actually fit for human consumption!  Time to start using fresh water a bit more wisely, don’t you think?


For Hydrachem, it has always been about the water. 

Did you know that most cleaning and disinfection products contain more than 95% water?  That’s fresh water, taken from the ground and stored as cleaning products in plastic containers in warehouses and trucks all over the world. 

Our tableting technology has made it possible to keep water in the ground until it is actually needed.  With our surface disinfection tablets, you can simply fill up a container with water, dissolve a tablet and you’re good to go.  As soon as the water is finished with, it is immediately returned to the Earths cycle.

We are proud that our tablets can not only have an impact on water and climate change, but also the reduction of unnecessary single-use plastic which is destroying our oceans and billowing out CO2 to produce and transport.